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Network Monitoring

Monitoring with iSX1000 / iSX4000

The Ehangcom network monitoring platform is based on iSX1000 or iSX4000 Universal Application Platform.  iSX1000 targets small to medium deployment up to 384 channels of HDLC/SS7 link per system and iSX4000 targets high-density deployment up to 2048 channels of HDLC/SS7 link per system.  Its modular design offers low entry cost for small deployments, which makes it ideal for proof of concept.  Its field upgradeable flexibility allows users to expand capacity quickly for popular applications to capture market opportunities.

The Ehangcom network monitoring platforms use the best-in-class, dedicated processors for HDLC/SS7 monitoring and DSP resources for voice call logging.  Each processor can process 140,000 MSU/s, which ensures full signaling data is captured even signaling links are at 100% link utilization.

The compact 1U form factor helps operators to significantly save rack space and better utilize the expensive data center space and hence reduce total cost of ownership.

Monitoring with ENM2000

ENM2000 is a low footprint, dual STM-1 PCI card that offers monitoring capability of two half duplex STM-1.

Ehangcom Network Monitoring Solution
Ehangcom Guangzhou,
May 6, 2011, 3:11 AM