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The Ehangcom iSX4000 platform is a multi-service media platform targeted for large-scale deployments in both legacy TDM network and the IP network.  In a compact 1U form factor, it offers 64 T1/E1, STM-1, ISDN, SS7, SIP and 4096 channels of IVR resources.  Its modular design allows users to mix and match the feature modules including TDM interface, signaling and media resources for deployments at optimized cost.

iSX4000 uses the best-in-class DSP technologies for IVR, 3G-324M video, VoIP and signaling capture modules in their categories.  In contrast to host based media processing solution which shares the same pool of resources as OS and applications, DSP technologies offer dedicated, predictable and scalable performance for media processing, especially for resource-intensive functions like echo cancellation, VoIP codec and video transcoding.

iSX4000 Universal Application Platform
Ehangcom Guangzhou,
Jul 1, 2011, 7:43 PM