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3G-324M Video

The Ehangcom 3G-324M video platform is based on iSX1000 or iSX4000 Universal Application Platform.  iSX1000 targets small to medium deployment up to 192 channels of 3G-324M video per system and iSX4000 targets high-density deployment up to 1024 channels of 3G-324M video per system.  Its modular design offers low entry cost for small deployments, which make it ideal for proof of concept for new VAS services.  Its field upgradeable flexibility allows operators to expand capacity quickly for popular VAS services to capture market opportunities.

The Ehangcom 3G-324M video platforms use the best-in-class, dedicated DSP technologies for 3G-324M video processing and transcoding.  In contrast to host based media processing solution which shares the same pool of resources as the OS and applications, DSP technologies offer dedicated, predictable and scalable performance for video media processing, especially for resource-intensive functions like video transcoding and transrating.
Ehangcom Guangzhou,
May 6, 2011, 3:01 AM