Universal Application Platforms

Ehangcom products address the needs of both enterprise and telco markets.  Ehangcom’s flagship products – iSX1000 and iSX4000 Universal Application Platforms, are designed to be modular, flexible and cost effective.  Its comprehensive support of interfaces (T1/E1/STM-1, VoIP) and signaling protocols (ISDN, SS7, SIP), and its flexibility to mix and match voice, 3G-324M video, VoIP and signaling monitoring capabilities allows application developers to deploy different applications easily on both legacy TDM networks and NGN/IMS networks. 
VXML/CCXML Service Delivery Platform

Ehangcom’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is VXML 2.1 and CCXML 1.0 compliant.  Its GUI based Service Creation Environment (SCE) allows application developers to create innovative voice, video and NGN applications quickly to respond to today’s fast changing market and capture more business opportunities.  It also enables application developers to migrate their applications from other telephony cards or platforms to the more advanced and cost-effective Ehangcom platforms to enjoy its technical and business benefits, only in a matter of days.

Compact Form Factor

Its compact form factor – 64E1 and STM-1 with
4096 channels of IVR and conferencing,
1024 channels of 3G-324M,
2048 channels of low bit rate VoIP codec, or 
2048 links of HDLC/SS7 link monitoring,

Together with ISDN, SS7 and SIP, all fits into only 1U or 2U, helps operators to save the expensive rack space, and hence reduce CAPEX and OPEX on data centers significantly.

iSX4000 Universal Application Platform

COSMOS VXML/CCXML Service Delivery Platform
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May 6, 2011, 2:42 AM
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